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Alex Bradt
Alex Bradt

New York, New York

Creating fun animations @ Google

animation, ar, augmented reality, character animation, interactive media, motion graphics

  1. Firebase Stickers - Google madrid firebase dance rubber hose sticker guitar sing pizza pineapple bounce rubberhose cute motion character animation
  2. Otter Love otters otter valentine card valentine love cute illustration loop character animation motion
  3. LlamaRama (AR) c4d funny cute loop animation motion character 3d jump mexican mexico llama
  4. Coffee Crab character motion rubber hose rubberhose crab claw cute animation keyshot and coffee ocean hermit crab hermit
  5. Scardey Gopher (AR) animation snapchat augmented reality ar woods rodent peek a boo animal cute gopher afraid fear scared
  6. No thank you! character animation cute bb-8 bb8 roll droid robot d0 story loop yoda baby yoda baby wars stars starwars
  7. Snow Cannon (AR) snapchat snap augmentedreality reality augmented c4d 3d loop motion snowball shoot snow cannon
  8. Unlikely Pals (Interactive) svg animation fun lottie svg interactive animation fish ocean jelly fish shark cute friendship friends
  9. RIP Summer (AR) design c4d 3d grass skull ice cream ice fall halloween grave summer animation motion
  10. Coffee Meets Bagel dating date i love you love lunch breakfast food bagel coffee motion rubber hose loop character animation
  11. Dash - Google sticker pack sticker interact google flutter bounce motion c4d loop character animation animal cute 3d flap wing bird dart dash
  12. Happy Hopper jump rabbits bounce mascot animal cel animation cute traditional rabbit bunny frame by frame cel
  13. Snap Camera - Snapchat tutorial snapchat ui loop illustration design logo flat animation motion
  14. Oh Deer - Mixed.Parts mixed parts brief mixed.parts mixed parts interactive weird motion abstract night light road deer
  15. Scrappy The Turret (AR) turret gun shoot cute tank brawl stars stars brawl character
  16. Flippin' Out (AR) clean loop music jump flipping flip dance 3d cute design character cinema 4d
  17. Palm Bro - Snapchat funny cute loader animation motion dance palm tree character
  18. Nacho Dance - Parry Gripp motion graphics character dance music nacho dinosaur
  19. Lil Spooks (AR) c4d animation character bounce 3d halloween candy pumpkin
  20. Flaming Frosty holiday card holiday christmas snowman scarf fire after effects funny motion animation character winter snow
  21. You're Boo-tiful illustration animation loop character motion beautiful grave cute card halloween ghost
  22. Stanley The Surfin' Poodle - Music Video ocean wave beach surf board poodle dog surf illustration rubber hose loop rubberhose ui animation flat character motion
  23. Board Swish c4d 3d motion ocean waves board surf loop
  24. Peli-cannon (Interactive) - Mixed.Parts app bodymovin interactive mixed parts mixed parts brief weird cannon gun funny pelican
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